Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quest for random nerdy tshirts

Ok, so as promised, it is April 1 and here I am. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a before selfie? Like, literally, your body doesn't want you to do it. It won't let you position the camera at any kind of normal angle. I did finally take something that could be considered acceptable, but I think I will wait to post it. The most you get for now it this:
Here is another interesting fact, I apparently do not have a tape measure in my house. I will get one tonight when I pick up hair dye so I can cover up my "I'm turning 40 greys". I will post those numbers tomorrow...but just for a preview...they will be big.
I did make it to crossfit today. The wod was supposed to be 8 rounds of a 200 m run then 20 double unders. After the first run, where the running wasn't the problem, the shin splints were, I had to skip both the double under and the running and was put on the rower and step ups. Well my big old legs had problems with step ups as well so he put me on a 1000 m row. He kept checking on me and telling me I could stop and just mash out my legs, but I did it, I kept on keeping on and did the 1000 meters. Then I cried while I rolled out my shins. I assured everyone I would be back in the morning, and I will be by the gods o' war, I have tshirts i want to fit into.
So now we come to the truth of it. I could say that I want to get thin so that I can run around with my kids, or live a longer life with fewer health issues, but I have these tshirts dammit. I am addicted to Tee Fury. They come out with a new, nerd related tshirt everyday and there I some I just have to have. So I have been buying them over time and even though I buy the big girl ones, they are still too tight...I mean who the hell sizes these things? I know they are supposed to be fitted because they are girlie tees, but come on. Anyway, I have the amazing tshirts that I simply cannot wear and I really, really want to wear them. Yep, nerdy tshirts...gets me to crossfit in the morning.