Sunday, November 3, 2013

the quest for something smaller than myself...

it wasn't always this way... my jeans weren't always in the double digits. I can't blame it on the kids, I was gaining weight before they added to it. I just really, really love to eat...for whatever the reason, either it tastes good, or it quells my boredom, or it hugs me when i'm feeling blue. but it's time, time to change that, time to get into smaller jeans, time to stop running out of breath just looking for something to satiate my frustrated emotions in the refrigerator.
yes, whatevs, I've said it all before. I've tried it all, I've counted calories, points, ounces, shakes, carbs...and if y'all know me, you know i'm horrible at math.
so what is different this time? well, I have a secret...I started something that has actually made my brain change a little. I have started something that I actually think I can do, no matter how angry it makes me. I've started eating paleo!
it all started with a misguided attempt at cross fit. if you are familiar, then you are now laughing at the thought of me doing anything active, let alone the  extreme torture dealt to you in a cross fit box. but no, really, I went for a free class and I enrolled right at the end of that damn thing, even though I felt like puking and I wanted to punch that trainer. yep, I signed my life away for at least 10 more sessions, no refunds, so I had to take part.
so not only were they relishing in torturing me physically, then they want me to try a 30 day paleo challenge...a laughed, but once again found myself signing on the dotted line, and next thing I new I was setting out on a horrible journey, filled with, well, no sugar dammit!
throughout all this though, I was surprised to find some inner strength that had gone missing some time ago, and I found that even I could handle what this lifestyle had to throw at me...and as the saying goes...if I can do it, anyone can.
a wise woman once told me "you should blog about this" and so it has come to pass. maybe I can help you out on your own journey. maybe I can make you laugh a bit. maybe I can surprise you with some tasty recipes. maybe I can scare you away from paleo altogether. or maybe, just maybe, I can inspire you to jump on the cave woman band wagon.

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