Thursday, November 7, 2013

the quest for sweets

No sugar. nope, none. what the hell am I supposed to do without sugar? for without sugar, there can be no chocolate...right? RIGHT?
It is no fair that not only I can have no delicious creamy peanut butter, but now I can't wrap it in luscious milk chocolate either. What the hell was paleolithic man thinking?
Well thankfully, I found a few options that helped (if only a little) to curb my sweet tooth's major attitude problem.
You can have chocolate. Yes, when I found out I cried out in thanks to the gods. But this chocolate is not your Hershey's variety. it is very dark and very real and very bitter unsweetened cocoa. But here is where my new favorite thing, grade b maple syrup, comes in. This blessed nectar tastes like rock candy and is used in baking and is pure and natural and cave approved.
I found a few recipes that I set forth to make. Um, husband has decided that I should no longer be allowed to use cocoa in a paleo dessert process because all that happens is me screaming obscenities throughout the house because inevitably I miss an important ingredient, or I don't milk the chocolate correctly (believe me this makes a crazy huge difference) or I burn something. But, after many failed attempts, I did end up with something I could call chocolate and moderately satisfying. It is a bark made with unsweetened dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and gogi berries. What the hell are gogi berries you ask? I have no fricking idea and couldn't find them in my store so I found some dried currants that didn't contain added sugar and used those instead. Those little bastards taste an awful lot like raisins, but in my desperation I find them quite edible.
Dark chocolate is an acquired taste I think. I always thought I was a huge dark chocolate fan, until I had real dark chocolate...BITTER and strong, like burnt coffee. But, if you add enough syrup and other ingredients, it becomes decent and it is growing on me.
I find out of all the paleo sweets I have tried to make so far though, my favorite by far is a recipe for a berry crumble. I could eat that all day. I will post both these recipes in a later post, eh, maybe I will add a page just for recipes that I enjoy. It will be a work in progress.

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