Sunday, November 10, 2013

The quest for guidance

So starting a paleo diet is not something to do on the fly or without some serious direction. And I just didn't feel the internets, although so good to me most of the time, was the right fit for my trying to make a life altering change. So, I went to a bookstore...dun dun dun. Yes, I do have a Kindle, but that is for watching back seasons of Supernatural (love me some Dean Winchester). Anyway so to the bookstore I went, thinking I would pick up the book written by the paleo not mentioned here because I did not pick up his book, because, well, I really didn't like it or him. First off, I do judge books by their covers, and by their author faces and he looked like a cocky little twerp. Ok not nice, but if you know me, that was actually nicer than I would normally be. Anyway. everyone loves this guy, he's the king of the cave so I read a little on the inside. I am sure it had some great information, important information, but the writing style made me cringe. He tries to right "real" and with humor, but his humor just struck me as the kind you would hear from an overzealous meat head at the gym, and his lectures seemed like the kind of cocky you would get from a very serious Trekkie who knows everything from every episode and looks down on the people who like the new movies. I have a bad feeling I wrote Trekkie wrong and I will no doubt get in trouble for that...but enough about this guy.
So once I decided I would not be going with the number one book on paleo, I grabbed about 32 others from the same shelf and by varying authors, sat down with what would be my final venti non fat, no whip mocha, and dug in. Ugh. Book after book was filled full with words, so many words, and non of them related  to romance  while time travelling through the highlands of Scotland, so I grew tired very quickly. I need something that could appeal to me as an everyday, normal, no time on her hands mom of 2. Something with pictures, charts, words of course too, but the kind that are easy for my brain to digest. So I went to the cookbook section and found a beautiful brightly bound book with a picture of a woman who looked happy being skinny and not eating ice cream, so I looked further. I had found my very own guru! Diane Sanfilippo "Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle" was written for people like me. There are pictures, and tear out pages with easy to read information. She even has broken down 30 day menus by issue type, like if you are dealing with digestive issues, or autoimmune issues. She explains the why to everything but in a way that is easy enough to understand. Sure there are words, but not 101 pages of just words. Plus the lady has a good sense of humor, at least my kind and I found it an enjoyable journey. This book may not be for everyone, but it was the right fit for me, and the recipes are easy enough and freaking delicious.
Diane has not paid me to say of this(shh she does not even know I exist), and I can't even get my adsense to work on the side of this blog to advertise for her. But I love her and if you are new to paleo, or even if you have some health issues you think diet might help you with, I couldn't recommend this book more.

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