Wednesday, November 27, 2013

the quest for TOTAL DOMINATION!

YES! I did it!
So this whole thing started with the torture box (crossfit) and their ridiculous 30 day paleo challenge. Those who eat a paleo diet regularly usually make small concessions as long as they are natural and a cave man could have produced them easily enough...but for these first 30 days I had to go balls to the wall. No nothing not a thing that was not animal or plant, and even then there were no nos. But I did it. I went 30 mother loving days with almost no cheating and with fairly regular crossfit workouts. And guess who won the whole shebang? Oh yeah, it's me!!!
All I can imagine is that these amazing people that work out regularly and can somehow magically lift their toes all the way to the bar just didn't follow the diet faithfully, or the supplements, or maybe they don't know how to add, because I don't know how I kicked their asses, but I did, I did kick their asses.
Do I sound a little prideful? Well good, because I am. This kicked my ass and I, the self proclaimed laziest person in the world, the most McDonald's obsessed chick, I did it. I lasted 30 days and I won!
If I can do this anyone can do it...cliché I know, but so totally true.
I have dieted for so long, and stayed fat for so long. And now, after roughly 60 days paleo I have lost just about 20 lbs now, and oh the inches have been coming off in droves. And I can do it. I have had moments where I thought this can go on no longer. McDonalds has a new bbq in the hell am I not supposed to eat that? But I haven't eaten it. I think this may be the longest I have held up a diet, and let me make this clear, when I say diet I actually mean what diet should mean and that is just the way I am eating. I don't have to weigh anything (at least not yet) I don't have to think too much about it. I don't go hungry. And I feel good.
I feel almost ridiculous saying it, but I have finally found the thing that has changed, and possibly saved my life!
I owe this all to the crossfit box in my neighborhood and the trainers there that I love to hate. Aaron and Carrie from Enabled Body Crossfit in Romeo. It was after seeing Carrie's crazy arms and shoulders at a booth at the Peach Festival that got me to even think about crossfit. And Aaron, even though I mostly want to punch him in the face when I see him, motivates me and keeps me going and makes me feel like I can do the things he thinks I can.
I love these guys and this box and this stupid, stupid paleo diet. Ok, enough mushiness....

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